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Offered humbly:

The intent behind this work is to make a substantial contribution to the smoothing and accelerating of the awakening of humanity.


It has been shown rather clearly that the power of love is such that when only a comparative few in an area are focused on loving intention, the rest of that population is positively affected. This has been proven in numerous experiments in which the square root of 1% of the population of small to medium towns focused on loving energy for brief periods daily. For details and substantiation, see this.

If such a small number of people could make a measurable impact on local communities, one might extrapolate: when as few as 9,000 people on the planet are fully awakened, we will be at the dawn of our collective awakening, a era of peace, trust, harmony and connectedness in this world. There will be no need for locks, no worry about survival, no fear, no doubt about our loving nature.

Many pretend to be awakened. Few are.

Now is the time for more to awaken because our continued resistance would only make matters more difficult.


It is time for more of us to trust our power to move beyond the either illusory or puny forces that seem to stand in the way of true power, real love, and genuine harmony.


In order for humanity to awaken, the foundational bridge is to be our trust in inner guidance in the management of our lives. This protocol, which will be refined continuously via collaboration and research, assists participants in moving beyond the societal and egoic conditioning/identification that have kept us from growing this trust.

It appears that the financially most wealthy do not want us to awaken, that they want to control us. What is in front of us is to realize that their power is meager. When we trust our power, when we trust our loving nature, we rise above the weak forces of our corrupt institutions which are only reflections of the egoic mind.

And at some point we see that, no matter the motive of the corrupt institutional forces, they are doing us a favor: pushing us to get fed up enough with them that we choose new options of response in moving beyond them.


 Here you will find no dogma, no hype and no selling. The intent is to reach receptive hearts and let everybody be who they are. We are not intending to convince anyone of anything.


The institutional forces that supply supposed spiritual inspiration and solutions—the vast majority of them—are designed to provoke the opposite of what they pretend. The big religions feature a schizophrenic god who is both all loving and is willing to damn people to eternal torture…or reward those who toe the line with the ongoing sexual services of virgins in the afterlife. It’s ludicrous.


And the New Age is likewise largely a spiritual drain on those who practice its teachings. It is based on two diametrically opposed central teachings: Be here now. And focus on what you want. The foundational design of it is the promotion of cognitive dissonance: the state of having two conflicting beliefs.  Many have several such pairs.


Humor, silence, briefly-stated ideas and the development of self-trust are the central elements of the Simple Awakening Tools protocol.

Since 1998, I have developed this work independently.  Outside of collaborating with some wise women and men to bring balance to the program, I have put it together myself since I was guided to start creating it.  And, sure, there have been many influencers, both wise and deluded, all teachers for whom I am grateful.

The program is now ready for sharing.  Until now, it has been largely about awakening myself.  After nearly two years living in Ecuador, I  recently moved back to the United States to launch it.  What it is: a loosely structured system for awakening oneself spiritually.  Many of the protocol components suggests consideration of perspectives that society and ego would tell you are foolish.

This is part of what is envisioned:

  • Versions in multiple languages after the first one in English: then with Spanish and French.
  • Versions for different age groups, starting at age 13.
  • Versions for those with various sexual orientations/preferences.
  • Trained coaches to work with the original English version and the above versions.
  • A private social network for program participants and graduates.
  • Launching of an affiliate program during August, 2016 that will pay affiliates $100 for each referred client.  This is one way of growing the program and sharing the profits.
  • Connection with 2 or 3 conscious, non-profit charitable organizations to take a substantial portion of the system profits.
  • The creation of a small, dedicated organization to professionally create all of the above ideas.
  • The creation of an awakeners alliance for mutual support and sharing of our resources with  those receptive.  This will include a private social page for those who have been through the program and, for a smaller group, weekly or monthly leadership video conferencing with the intent to help each other share awakening ideas and events.  If that idea intrigues you, see this link.


If you would like to help in sharing, collaborating, resource suggestions or in any other way, please use the form below.  Your questions are welcome.

Thank you.

Carlo Ami






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