Decades ago, serious experiments made then have proven to me that the power of Love to transform our world is much more vast than most now believe.

Collectively, we have seen our state and the state of the world as greatly challenging.  Many may figure that we cannot collectively awaken until the majority of us are awakened, as if there is some invisible scale that, when it tips to over 50% of us being awake, we will be then somehow propelled to realize our collective harmonious, awakened destiny on this planet.

Maybe it doesn’t work that way.  And maybe there is no specific technique necessary, but rather simply silently sending our love to the world and to those who are suffering.

Studies were done in which the square root of 1% of a town or city population simply focused on loving energy and intent for a short time each day.  In a city of 10,000, for example, 10 would participate.  In a city of 80,000, 29 would participate.  During the extended time this was done over a period of several months, the crime rate in all the cities involved went substantially down.  And when the practiced was stopped, crime increased to about what it had been just before the experiment started.  This was done in several American cities and towns.

Might it be extrapolated: that when 9,000 people on this planet become awakened, we will be at or near the dawn of of our collective awakening?  9,000 is the approximate square root of 1% of the human population of the world.

Might you be open to this: You have great power to help shift yourself and make a substantial contribution to the awakening of humanity.

Each of us who awaken seriously helps propel us towards our destiny: loving harmony within ourselves and with Gaia.