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The Book of Life Movie: A Dead Ringer for What’s the Matter With Us

Maybe the mindset of the producers of this movie was that if the visuals were spectacular enough, people would not notice how convoluted and self-contradicting the dialogue is.  Did they maybe speculate that  wonderful animation that is often an explosion of color and flash would camouflage weird, self-contradicting dialogue?


And that is pretty much how it panned out.  Only the Village Voice reviewer was willing to spell it out, and I like the way Simon Abrams put it:  He says that the movies’ “hackneyed stock plot preaches tolerance while lamely reinforcing the status quo.”


This movie got rave reviews from most critics.  Maybe the moral of the movie for those who are willing to pay attention is that it pays to pay attention.  Otherwise, mixed, confusing messages are laced into most popular movies.  We can be so enamored with the visual splash that we don’t notice the schizophrenic dialogue.


Some questions to keep in mind as you watch:

  • Is Maria a character you would like your children to emulate?
  • What does she really have going for her other than knowing Kung Fu?
  • What is the main message of the movie, and does it ever get muddy?
  • What does the movie do with racial stereotyping of Hispanic people and Native American Indians?


Being aware of what you are experiencing when you are being entertained is a great way of knowing whether you are being truly entertained or whether you are allowing yourself to be programmed with content that is designed to be schizophrenic or at least confusing.


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