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Consider please copying and pasting this primer into an editable doc format such as Word so that you can play with it in the same way you will play with the protocol idea sets.

What is offered here is for the purpose of assisting you in building trust of your inner guidance, trust of your power at depth.  Most people are never trained to do this and society and culture generally discourage it.

Two prime suggestions to begin:

1) Be aware of any egoic inclination to overload yourself with the ideas you see here by spending lots of time dissecting them with the head.

2) No matter what is suggested in the text here, use this protocol in a way that works for you.  Again, follow the inner guide and live your truth, even if some of the ideas presented here are opposite of your truth.  The key, then, is to be aware of how the idea is working in your life if you are living consistently with your current truth. 

Being willing to shift from what is not working is a major aspect in the awakening process.  Please consider briefly going through your edited version at the beginning of your day and near bedtime starting with the first evening the three days for each of the idea sets in the protocol.  Move as slowly through it as time and responsibilities elsewhere allow.  Consider prioritizing it in your life and notice how that goes. 

And please do not get so involved with it that you neglect important others and other responsibility factors in your life.Consider now saving an unedited copy of each idea set for possible use at a later time after the protocol is complete.  Some will decide to do this and others will see it as a waste of time.  Choose from the heart.  You will be editing each set down to a much smaller size that will include just the ideas that are most juicy for you.

The intent of this program is to help accelerate and smooth your path to harmonized being and peace.   It takes practice of conscious response to experience to move beyond the conditioned response provoked by ego and society. 

                              In the ways of Native American Spirituality, the medicine of owl is death.                                                     The birth of our destiny, our awakened world, is the death of the illusion of ego.

The basic gateway to this destiny is taken by each of us in this lifetime or another: our gradual or sudden release of identification with the egoic mind and its reflections.  Ego, as you may listen to it, will tell you that it must happen quickly or that it is either too simple or too complicated.  You can hush ego up.  It takes practice.

We have been conditioned by our thoroughly corrupt institutions and by our habitual identification with the imaginary egoic mind to think that there is something outside of ourselves that we must find in order to be powerful or happy as a way of living. Most think that it will be found in just the right lover, the personal experience with a guru, reading the right book, or getting trained by just the right coach, guru or psychologist.  Sooner or later, in this or a another lifetime, we discover that all that just doesn’t work because the answers to the most important questions come from ones’ own heart. 

The innumerable lifetimes that it takes us to find a culmination of sorts on the spiritual path is largely a process of getting fed up with what is not working in your life, fed up enough to start building trust in your inner guidance.

In each lifetime, we are born innocent, a clean slate, pure, open, and soon curious about what we can experience, enjoy and learn.

At some point, in some lifetime, we become open to the possibility of our being truly sovereign Beings, as sovereign as everybody else, as sovreign as the Earth and Sky. This tends to happen as we become thoroughly fed up with trusting the sources outside of ourselves—and dropping the fear of them.

We move along a smoother stretch of the path, maybe, and consult the heart and its feelings above that which is found in the apparently external world.This might be seen as the home stretch, the one where the intent is within the vision of the possible.

You are encouraged to do this throughout the program with any lines here, so that the edited document is more concise and quicker to move through during your time with the set.  The request here is that you read the set you are working on very early in your day and shortly before sleep time, not rushing through it but reading it somewhat slowly.  You might choose to edit out more ideas on the second reading (first day with set). If you are clear on idea and living it, delete it, please. 

If a line does not apply to you, cut it.  If you are clear on your truth about something expressed here, and you are living this truth, delete the idea. If an idea is presented addressed to “you,” consider putting it in the first person—“I” and going into the silence with it to get a feel for your inner response.  Ideas presented in bold or large font are my ideas for emphasizing. 

Your editing, if you do it cleanly, will be about what you see important and what you would like to play with, no matter the font size in which it is presented here.

With the following ideas, please increase the font size of those ideas shown in bold purple that may apply to you, and decrease the font size or delete the ones that do not.

We have said that we want less chaos in our lives, yet we maintain it sometimes because the chaos is constant enough to leave little time for being depressed. 

We’d rather be in overwhelmed chaos than feel like we are stuck in some emotion we see as worse than that.

We’ve made a hobby and a general way of living of judging other people as deficient so that we can feel artificially better about ourselves.

Some of us have been living our lives as if it is OK to abuse or manipulate others if that boosts the temporary illusion of being in control or being superior.

We’ve thought that it is OK to feel sorry for ourselves, because if we don’t, who will?

We’ve justified fighting for what we want because we have not had much sense of anyone fighting on our behalf.

Some of us have made important in our lives the practice of deceiving others, not realizing that such deceit is a denial of our collective Oneness, and hence an act of schizophrenic masochism.

Please don’t get into your head with that idea so that you get into self-judgment.  That would be illusory ego yacking at you.  Throughout this protocol, you get to practice hushing it up.

We have engaged in deception in order to build a false sense of control or to create temporary, false, anemic and often destructive “power.”

And we’ve made a hobby and a general way of living of judging other people as deficient so that we can feel artificially better about ourselves.   The spiritual path, the only path that matters in the Big Picture—because when it is healed, all the other paths line up with it—is largely a process of dissolving illusion. 

Maybe the vast majority of the lifetimes we spend on the path are a process of getting fed up with what is not working in our lives.  


Collectively, we tend to think that awakening, or enlightenment, or the experience of nirvana or heaven must come from learning something that we do not know yet.  Could it be that the most vast stretch of our spiritual evolution is spent in getting fed up enough with the anemic or destructive results we are creating in our lives to consciously experiment with new ways of responding to life?

Those as yet unawakened are in the process of getting fed up with spending time and attention on that which sucks our energy to think, to commune with, to identify with or to pledge our allegiance.

As long as we are willing to practice ongoing attention and support of situations, institutions, friendships and thoughts that abuse, manipulate, deceive or otherwise disrespect us, we will continue to have more of them until we choose to respond more consciously.  For some, this process is slower and the suffering more subtle.  The rattling of the cage for others is now much more directly in their face. 

I love this except for that four-letter word, “need.”             

 Preferred: what we “are destined to know” if we are to awaken in this lifetime.

In truth, you do not need to know anything.  You can muddle through or sit in your purgatory or hell for as long as you choose.  You can waste as many lifetimes as you like or you can prioritize awakening yourself. 

Consider the possibility: While we have been conditioned by ego identification and society/institution to think that empowerment and awakening have to do with learning more than we know or getting more of what we want, the most massive time across the most lifetimes is a process of disengagement from that which sucks our energy. Awakening is a process of letting go of that which is abusive, manipulative, deceptive or otherwise disrespectful.

The apparently destructive forces of the apparently external world are but mirrors for what we allow to go on inside of us: the battle we allow an imaginary entity we have called ego to wage upon the heart. 

Some people believe that “because that’s the way it’s always been, that’s the way it will stay.”  At some point, we come to understand that as wise as Plato was, he missed the mark on this one: 

To think that our culture will never move beyond lies is to think that we are indefinitely stuck, that we cannot evolve. 

A foundational premise of this program, one that has been verified by many experiments, is that the power of Love is such that when as few as the square root of 1% of a population lives in a conscious way, they make a significant impact on the rest of that population.  If this is so, then when as few as 9,000 of us fully awaken, we will be at the dawn of the era of harmony. There are many pretenders.  Few are yet awakened. 

We can.  It takes trust and practicing living our truth. We are awakening. The intent and nature of the heart is calm, loving, trusting, harmonious Oneness.  And imaginary ego—as long as we are paying attention to it and identifying with it—successfully resists the intent of the heart. 

This resistance has happened because the schizophrenic ego does not seem to want to die.  Its apparent intent is to prevent Love from expressing, to hide from us our true and loving power, and our capability of living in peace with each other on an abundant, calm, harmonized world. And this deception is exactly the same as that of the corrupt institutions that pretend to serve us. 

Ego is not only schizophrenic.  It is sadistic and masochistic.  We come to understand this as we get closer and closer to realization of our loving Oneness.  Ego and society tell us we are different from one another, that some are better than others, that the color of our skin or spiritual/religious affiliations or our sexual orientation define our worthiness.   

Collectively, we judge apparent others as unworthy, judge ourselves to be superior, and feel victimized that we are not having a happier time with life.

Ego and institution falsely teach us that we must fight for what we want and resist what we do not.  We have been told that we must suffer our oppressors on an ongoing basis, that there is nothing us 7 billion people can do because our power is stifled by the chatterbox in our head and the several thousand people who control the resources of our planet. 

True power is not to be found and integrated by reading books, going to seminars or hiding from the world in a cave (and sure, there may be a few exceptions to that cave idea.  Maybe it’s not particularly likely that you are one of those exceptions.  And maybe it is time to own it if you are.)


The great spiritual leap—the destined culmination along the spiritual path—happens as we have and practice the courage to honor and act upon inner guidance.  

(You might take that idea and put it in the first person, editing it here (“..I have and practice…). Then go into the silence with it, noticing how you feel. 

This can only be done by disengaging allegiance, affiliation and patronage of false guides.  You can sense important truth when you go silent and notice how you feel about an idea.  You can build trust in the inner guide as to who and what to spend your time and attention with. The most crucial of these disengagements is from imaginary ego.  Our world reflects this false guide in its corrupt institutions that are likewise deceptive and destructive in nature.

All of our big institutions—government, religion, mass media, healthcare, food production and education—are mirrors of ego.  They do the exact opposite of what they pretend to do.  And these institutions lie to us so often and so frequently—and have done it for so long—that we have believed their lies. This program is designed to help those who are ready to move beyond the false conditioning of ego and society by taking 19 small steps that can catayze a great leap.

In the intent to fully discover yourself, maybe it is important… 


If I was a stickler for accuracy, I would begin most sentences you see in this protocol with “maybe,” “could it be,” or “consider the possibility that.”  That would get boring fast.  You will see those sentence intros here, but just as reminders.

The point is that nothing you will see here is offered as a truth you should just swallow and accept as something that would be good for you to know.  The larger point is that the only truth that it serves you to prioritize knowing and practicing is your truth. 

What is offered can be used as a tool to discover your truth by experiencing how you either have a strong resonance with it as is or if it serves you to tweak it a little or turn it on its head.  If you are not living your truth but somebody elses’ or some imagined deitys’ truth, then you are selling your Self out.

  • Is whoring too harsh a term? 
  • Insecure?
  • Oblivious?
  • Split?                                                                                                                                                       My point in this is not to offend or deride.  I asks you, maybe, to be real with yourself and have the courage to see that clinging to the old ways serves no constructive purpose and postpones your ascent to happy, calm and trusting presence all the time without having to be immersed in any of these ever:                                                                                                                                               
  •  Fear
  •  Anger
  •  Remorse
  •  Depression
  •  ControllingDoubt
  •  Boredom
  •  Feeling Controlled                                                                                                                                  You are at the helm of your own ship.  How you steer it, what ports to stay in and for how long are generally up to you.


  • The basic paradox is that we are all One and the same as we are all unique in our apparent individual sense: While over the course of lifetimes we are all here to learn the same simple truth and/or let go of the same basic lie, we all do this in a way that is unique to our Spirit.  There is no cookie-cutter approach to discovering the culmination of awakened living.  What is true for you may not be true for some others.  What is juice for you might be a poison for others.                                                              Trust yourself to know.  You do, at depth.  It just takes tuning into your truth, and trusting this truth.You can use the ideas presented in the protocol as starting points for clarifying your truth.

If we all had the same path, presented by the Universe in the same way, that would get pretty boring and robotic.You get to find your own path, and the way your movement along the path is accelerated and smoothed happens in these basic ways:

1) Learning to trust inner guidance

2) Practice of silence

3) Finding humor in your experience and thought

4) Setting a basic intention to respond to all experience with Love. 

And in this, please consider that sometimes the most powerful and loving response to a thought, situation or communing is to lovingly disengage from it.

This is not to be confused with enabling behavior or indulging yourself with bodily poisons that give minimal and temporary relief from your problems. Like all experience in life, you get to choose to respond to any idea here in a way that works for you. 

For anything you see in the protocol, if the idea strikes you as, “Wow, I love this!” or if it is a “Wow, I don’t get that one at all!” take some time in silence with the idea, whether it is a core idea, one in bold, or any other idea that seems to either really repel or really inspire. 

Here, generally, are the choices, after you take the idea into the silence for however long and notice how you feel when you do:

(1) Decide to embrace the idea as one you might remember or practice…or at least experiment with.

(2) Tweak the idea with a word or two…or turn it upside down if that is your truth.  When you do this, do it on the document and consider making the font bigger so that when you go back to it to play with it some more, it will catch your attention.  I see this as important.   You might not.  Whatever your response, you might choose to let it come from the heart rather than respond as if you actually are the imaginary ego.

(3) Dismiss the idea as either unimportant or one that you feel not only in agreement with but already congruent with.  So you just delete it.

Congruent.  What does that mean?  As we are congruent in the living of our lives, as we let go of egoic schizophrenia, what we say we are is consistent with our thoughts and actions.  We drop the masks we wear in the world and we let go of the egoic impulse to tell lies to our own selves.

Where We Can Go

Consider the possibility that awakening is largely about realizing that we are all connected in a way that the egoic mind refuses to understand.  To understand it would be the apparent death of ego, the imaginary demon who thinks it’s us and is what we have identified with as who we are. Ego does not even appear to exist except as we feed it with destructive thought. When will now be the time you can powerfully express this to yourSelf?    

Two prime ideas in bold below to close this primer:

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.                                                                                                                                   —Frederick Douglass

Many build their lives around either winning the approval of others or avoiding the rejection of others.  At some point, we come to understand that this is not a very productive way to live.

This protocol is about learning to trust yourSelf.
You have now moved through the primer. Consider doing a quick scan of it and just take one or two ideas that are most juicy for you to write down, save on your computer where you will frequently see it (maybe desktop or screensaver) or print out.  You might choose to have the written idea or storybox somewhere where you will see it as reminder for a day or two, or until you receive the first idea set.  

Be creative without jumping into egoic excess with any of the ideas here that you might choose to place where you will be reminded of them.

You might also review it a few times before Monday, maybe even editing it down to the juiciest ideas for you.

You will receive your first idea set by email late on Sunday night  to begin playing with on Monday.   We are working on getting the system to send at appropriate times for those not in the Americas.   If you do not receive your idea sets in timely fashion, please write me directly at  And please mark the communication as priority.

All Love,