Terms and Conditions


Any photograph or picture box (with words) appearing on this website may be freely shared.  Nothing in the ebooks or the 
9 1/2 week protocol may be shared.

You will receive a prompt and full refund for the 9 1/2 week protocol materials if you ask for it before you receive the third segment.

The value of these materials would be significantly depleted if made available in such a way that people would work with them in a more speedy—or much slower—manner than in which they are delivered in the program protocol. They are delivered as they are for a very good reason.

In registering for the Simple Awakening Tools Program, you agree to keep confidential all program materials that are either sent to you via email or are referred to you from those emails to private pages on this website.  This also applies to all content on the private social network that will start in November here.  This is for your use only.

You agree that you will not post any Simple Awakening Tools non-website content on any website, or share it via email, voice communication or any other means.  Exception: sharing public page links of this website.

You also acknowledge your understanding that Simple Awakening Tools may pursue legal avenues for remedy should these understandings be violated.

All program content © 2017 by Carlo Ami

Repeated from Primer Page:

Once you have completed the 9 1/2 protocol, three things will happen:

(1) You will be given the opportunity of participation in the AwakenersUnited.com website, a social/sharing site for those who would like to participate in this private group.  

(2) You will receive a resource guide with more ideas to play with and resources to play with.  You may subscribe to resource guide updates for free.

(3)  You will be offered the opportunity to sign on as an affiliate.  This offer is made pending a brief conversation with me via phone or Skype.  If you participate, for each person you refer who buys and keeps the program, you will receive $50. Commissions are paid monthly by the 25th of each month for programs started the previous calendar month.

With Love,