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Thank you for your interest in the Simple Awakening Tools Program.

Registration instructions will be posted here shortly.

You can get the first two idea sets in the protocol without risk.  If you get in the first week that it is simply not for you, send me an email for a quick refund.  No refunds are offered after you have received the third idea set.

The first 5 idea sets are about building your true power and practicing it.  The next 7 sets are about releasing what has been sucking your energy.  And the last sets are about practicing integration of your truth.

The ideas with maybe the most juice to take into the silence with you are followed by this icon: 1a Just close your eyes after reading a potentially juicy idea, and notice how you feel when you do.



…and sometimes, as we expessed here earlier, this means disengaging from thinking, communing with or supporting that which has been sucking one’s energy.

In some sense, this protocol is about choosing to lose the ego-identified head and choosing to live from the heart.

For those ready to entertain such possibility, willing to experiment with new ways of living, new ways of responding to life, the Simple Awakening Tools protocol offers a loose structure to smooth the path to awakening.



The welcoming message will be sent to as soon as your registration is complete.

All program participants will receive the 40-page, graphics-loaded ebook (pdf) by Carlo, What to Do When It Hits The Fan, a concise guide to dealing with challenging times. You can play with this ebook prior to the start of the protocol, but please set it aside during the protocol time.


It is strongly suggested that you choose to be willing to spend ½ hour minimum/6 days per week of direct attention on the program during the first 18 days of the program. After that, at least 15 minutes daily/six days per week for the remaining idea sets.  Some will find that they are comfortably taking more time.  And some can do fine with a little less.  Trust your inner guidance!


All Love,


Thank You!