Answer each question yes or no.

(1) Does the religion command you to believe things that you do not believe or instill in you fear or guilt?

(2) Does the religion feature a schizophrenic deity who is supposedly both all loving and willing to damn anyone to eternal torture?

(3) Was the religion popularized by intimidation, violence and the sword, making it somehow virtuous to steal from, enslave or kill non-believers?

(4) Does it segregate or disrespect women, or prevent them from serving in the highest clergy levels within the religion?

For each question to which one  answers “yes” for a religion, one might count 25% on the bullshit meter.  So 4 yes answers might suggest total bullshit.  Could it be that the Universe will keep on dishing up bullshit for your consumption until you are fed up enough with it to walk away from it?  

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