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Within 3 minutes on this page you may have a clear sense about whether this program is a fit for you now.

My truth, to reject from the head or consider with the heart:

Going to a self-help/spiritual seminar or reading a book is not going to awaken you.

A hand saw is not going to cut the wood for you. You get to do it with the tool.


What is offered here is only for people who are ready to start recognizing their power to move beyond the sodomizers of the spiritual body:


(1) The corrupt religions, which includes all of the big ones. Buddhism is not intelligently seen as a religion because there is no damning god involved.

(2) The New Age Consciousness Drain which is centered on two diametrically opposed teachings: be here now and focus on what you want.

(3) Offering material support or attention of any kind to any of our biggest institutions that do the exact opposite of what they pretend to do. All are aligned to confuse, disempower, divide, control and distract us from our power.

(4) Regular identification with—and indulgement of—the imaginary ego, particularly its gravitation towards fighting and resistance of any kind.

(5) Relying on anything outside of yourself—any person, group, deity, alien being or scripture—to take responsibility for saving you from yourself or the challenges of your world.

As that may resonate with you, you are invited explore more here.

What is offered here is a set of simple tools for creating a more empowered, calm, fulfilled life.  It’s about letting go of ego and finding your Self.


Most of the so-called civilized world is living in a state of what I call chosen oblivion.

The dictionary tells us that oblivion means “the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.”  We have chosen this oblivion because we have not trusted our power to rise above the challenges that are in front of us.

It seems easier to pretend that imaginary ego, our institutions and our sometimes duplicitous “friends” are serving us as we give them our attention and support.

This program is for people who are fed up with that game plan, for those who are wired for it, ready for it, and willing to seriously play with new ways of responding to life that can be truly effective.

As you read this, maybe heart is expressing: “Tell me more.”  And maybe ego, if you listen to it, is telling you, “Let’s get distracted.  Let’s do something else right away.”

Paying attention to what is here is a poison to imaginary ego.  

Are you listening now to ego or heart?


We start here with a simple premise: The most potent truths to know as you make your choices in how you run your life cannot be found outside yourself.

In your intent to have the highest truth and the highest possible true power in your life, as long as you are looking to anyone, any book or the words written by other beings for this truth and power, you will keep yourself from it.

Please consider the possibility: Until you choose to begin to seriously play with trusting this power to move beyond the conditioned, practiced “solutions” that do not work—beyond status quo futility, beyond habitual chaos, beyond depression, sadness or the sense of isolation—you cannot make effective use of this power.


As you may sense a resonance with what has been expressed here so far, you just may know if it is for you if you read from here down to the bold horizontal line slowly twice.

The design of much of your worldly experience and that of the imaginary ego have a singular purpose: To get you fed up with paying attention to and supporting that which sucks your energy, that which depletes your vibration.

Our thoroughly corrupt institutions, many whom we have called friends, and the egoic mind pretend that they are being of service to us while they manipulate us. The manipulation is for the purpose of getting us fed up with accepting their versions of a “power” that is false, anemic, temporary and often destructive.


We are being asked to realize that, rather than fighting for what we want, rather than resisting what we do not want, often the most empowering and loving response towards those who abuse, manipulate, deceive and disrespect us is to love them as we remove all other attention and support from them.

That same response to the egoic mind is the response that elevates us beyond it, dissolving with practice the illusion that “it” is who we are.

Our corrupt institutions and imaginary ego cannot even appear to exist except as we offer them support and attention.

Ego doesn’t even seem to exist except as we feed it with foolish affiliation, thought and action.

Moving in the direction of awakening requires courage because the world, your friends, and conflicted ego will judge you when you do. Until one begins to trust their power to rise above the judgment of others, until one drops the illusions of smallness, of righteousness, of exceptionalism or of unworthiness, one cannot awaken.

Humanity is thirsting for solutions that work.  Ego is nurtured by sticking with the old “solutions.”  The most vast stretch of the spiritual path are those lifetimes during which we get fed up with what is not working.

It is not about fighting with or resisting anything; it is about removing all attention and support other than love from that which sucks your energy.


Maybe it all boils down to this: Have you had enough of society’s solutions, enough to seriously play with the solutions that come from within when you simply hush up your edgy mind?

Maybe for most of us, it takes getting fed up enough with ongoing status quo depression, anger, chaos or futility—or whatever may have been bothering  you—to start trusting your power and your inner guidance.


What is promised to you here, if you are ready for it:

* A simple set of tools for discovering your deep truth, power and grace

* A way of applying these tools that is truly new

* Six brief coaching sessions with the program developer via  Skype during the first 3 weeks of the program.

* A protocol you can use by yourself or with a partner to deepen your inner and outer harmony.


The program in a nutshell:

There are 19 short and simple core ideas—Power Path Maps—in the program, plus a follow-up resource guide.  Each idea set sent by email every Monday and Thursday also includes supporting material that takes 4 to 15 minutes to read. Some idea sets include brief videos.

It is suggested that, for maximum value, you spend a minimum of ½ hour daily, 6 days per week on the 5 power building sets (first 3 weeks), then at least 10 minutes daily on the remainder of the program.   Some people may feel guided to spend more time than this, some less.  Trust your heart to guide you in this.

A key to getting maximum value from the program  is awareness of the current core idea as you move through your waking hours.

The first idea sets are about power building.  Sets 6 through 12 are about releasing that which is not working for you. And the last 7 are practicing your truth and power.

* You play with the core idea and get a sense of how it fits for you. Whether the idea is just right as it is, needs a word or two change, or is the exact opposite of your current belief or intent, write down your current truth and then choose to live your life congruently with that that belief or intent.

* You edit the core idea as often as you like over the 3 days you play with it, noticing how it is working for you.

* Take a minute or two a few times daily to remind yourself of the currently evolving core idea, going into the silence for a minute or so after reading it as you notice how you feel when you do.

* The Universe will give you feedback. Pay attention to it.

* These power path maps are designed to provide a structure through which you find clarity about your truth and power, not as anyone else would define or find it for you.


There is no promise that you will be fully awakened by the end of the program. What is promised is that you will have new and empowered momentum in the creation of this intent if you take the program seriously and playfully.


For Your Hearts’ Consideration:

We are destined to become a world in harmony.  As more and more of us wake up, we awaken the world by directly raising collective consciousness.  To evolve more efficiently, our apparently individual awakening can be set as the priority.  While service to others can be collectively nurturing, the most powerful focus now asks us to practice balance, with the priority on living the awakened life rather than focusing on an attempt to fix others or to change the world.

Consider, then, this possibility: The greatest gift you can give humanity, to yourself and to the Universe is to awaken yourself.  Harmony in the apparently outer world is to be birthed through the expansion of inner harmony.


If you are not currently involved with either any of the big religions or with New Age teachings, you might continue here with the Next Steps.

* If you have been following any of the big religions and are not comfortable with it.

* If you have subscribed to the New Age Movement teachings.







               Note, the earlier version of the work I have been doing over the last 17 years was featured on, a website that was destroyed by hackers in 2014.


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