Simple Awakening Tools

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What is offered here is for those who are open to the possibility that they can spiritually awaken themselves in this lifetime, people who feel increasingly ready to realize the depth of their true and loving power, their connectedness, their capacity to enjoy and serve and be.

This is only for those who are wired and ready for a way of life that is very different than what society and the egoic mind prescribe. The point of this is not to convert anyone, but to connect with those receptive.  You will find no sales pitch here, nothing about how “you need this.” There is no intention in what is offered here in convincing anyone of anything.

The intention is to connect with those who resonate.  If you discover that it’s not for you, please go away happily! You can get a rather clear picture as to whether it is for you in about 10 minutes by playing with the Participation Filters.  Each participation filter is very brief.  Some ask you to go into the silence with an idea, noticing your feelings as you do.

Play with the participaton filters here.