What is offered here is for those who have come to the realization that the vast majority of what is popularly available in the way of religion, spiritual/self-help books, scriptures, gurus, clergy, secret codes, practices, seminars and organizations are deceptive, self-contradicting  or simply destructive. 

The ideas and tools offered here are sets of possibilities for those receptive to playing with them seriously. It is not a set of teachings.  So there is no preaching, no pushing, no “you need this” stuff here.  It is just for people who are ready and resonant with it. With a very small investment of your time here, you will know whether or not it is a fit for you now.

What is offered here might be synthesized in a nuance of the ideas expressed above by Lao Tzu. Patience may just be an anemic substitute for presence. The inference of patience is that you have to work at it. When you are truly present there is no resistance to whatever is happening now. You know when to stay engaged with a situation or thought train and you know when it is time to shift, to disengage, to place your attention or person elsewhere. And at some point, in some lifetime, there is no more inner debate about that whatsoever.

The word compassion here goes beyond some of the more commonly held meanings: It goes beyond commonality and into connectedness, oneness with and as

Added here is a fourth offering that is seen as essential: Trusting the power of silence. When we empty ourselves of destrucive and divisive thoughts and identifications, we open ourselves to discovery of truth via feelings and intuitive sense. We empty the mind of that which is destructive or divisive and in this emptiness there is a fullness and a sense of calm power that cannot be fully expressed in words. This power grows as one grows in trust of it.

Integrating and living our true loving, connected power takes practice and committment. And for some, maybe a loose structure such as what is offered in the protocol here. For others who are quite ready to awaken themselves, the free resources here and in the blog will be catalysts for awakening without there being any point in protocol participation.

So my offerings here, only for those receptive to them, are based in these four ideas: Simplicity, presence, connected compassion and trusting the power of silence.

You can get a rather clear picture as to whether this is for you in about 15 to 20 minutes by playing with the Participation Filters.  Each participation filter is briefly introduced, then followed by a picture/word box with the filter idea.  Each filter idea is likely to either inspire you or provoke you to find something else to do.

You can start with the Participation Filters

For a protocol overview, see this.