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Beautifully Polluted Movies



This series is part of the Conscious Movies section of Simple Awakening Tools.  

Links for free streaming of all featured movies are included.

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As you come to realize the polluted nature of a movie or other entertainment or educational resource, you are much less likely to be hypnotized, depressed, confused or conditioned by it.

Our professed interest in watching movies tends to be about either entertaining or productively educating ourselves.    Consider that the prime motive of those who produce most popular movies has nothing to do with either.

(And some watch horror movies just to scare themselves silly as a way of having some emotion other than sadness.)

Might it be that the producers’ prime interest in making many of these movies is to destructively condition us and to further divide us mentally, emotionally and spiritually from each other and from divinity?

And might it also be so that the intent of many movies that are shown in theaters and on our computer screens is to expand or maintain the inner split—the divided self—that suffocates the expression of heart and soul?

As we choose the courage to simply be aware, we see this duplicitous inner behavior reflected in all our institutions that pretend to serve us.  For starters:

* Current and ancient spiritual scripture that is loaded with both beauty and bullshit
* Leaders elected to serve the interests of the People who are serving the             financially richest
* A healthcare system that wants us sick

This duplicitous behavior is rampant in virtually all our our institutions.  The entertainment industry is no different.


In this 3-part series, we will explore 3 rather recent movies, and show the deceptive, duplicitous nature of them.

Maybe importantly, when you watch a movie on your computer, you can do something that you cannot do in a theater: hit your pause button. When you get to a juicy line, you can go back and listen to it again, then go to the pause, close your eyes, and notice how you feel. This simple practice is a way of tuning into inner guidance. If you feel lighter or you feel a sense of relaxation or release, then you might consider practicing your life in a way that honors what brought about that feeling.

We all have an internal guidance system that has value for us only to the extent that we are willing to trust it. It may be seen in either or both of these ways:

* A bullshit detector
* An internal navigation device

In this series we will explore a nature documentary, an animated adventure, and a science fiction epic. Please consider using your pause button as many times as you like as you watch these and notice how you feel when you close your eyes and go into the silence with a hot idea.  You might do this for 10 seconds or for longer.  Go with the flow.

Remember to   use your pause button.  ypb-logos138w



Movie 1: The Last Lions


Please read the short bit below before watching the movie. If your download speed is not that great, click on the link now, start the movie (use the small, lower left play button, (not the big one that will insist you need software), then after it starts playing, pause it to let it start loading while you read below here.

With all its spectacular photography and beautiful images, this movie is maybe most effectively seen as a destructive psychological weapon against collective consciousness.

While it pretends to be a message to alert us to the endangered status of the lion—that in decades their population has dwindled from 450,000 to less than 20,000—the underlying and frequently-expressed message is much different. It takes an animal that is regarded as the king of the jungle and a symbol of leadership and courage and then turns it into a fearful creature that we are compelled to pity.

And as it does this, it constantly attributes human emotions to animals that we have no reason to believe have these emotions.  And it attributes motivations to these creatures that are human.


At least three times in the movie, it is said that lions have hope. This means that they are looking for a brighter future. What most of the animal kingdom has in spades that most humans do not is presence.  Hope, as we have used the word, is just a very anemic substitute for trust.  Hope implies that something outside of yourself is going to save or fix you.

And the word “hope” just happens to have been the campaign slogan for the elections of both Hitler and Barack Obama.

There are many more examples in the movie, such as “the silence is a condemnation.”  Please look for them. Hit your pause button when they come and then notice how you feel when you close your eyes and hush up your head. Is your internal BS detector going off?


Indigenous cultures around the world see lion medicine—the teachings of lion to us—are about the courage and leadership of these animals. This movie attributes human emotions to them and overlays that with what looks like a desperate and hopeless way of living, one in which there is a constant battle going on, and the prospects for victory do not look very promising.

This overlay can suck the energy from the lesson of lion medicine: as we perceive that the lion is fighting an ongoing and losing battle, we are manipulated to think that we are, too.

And as long as we think in such a way, we cannot rise above the battle, that which is waged by imaginary ego upon the heart.

As we might appreciate the fact that this movie is a propaganda tool to keep us weak and divided, we are more likely to be empowered rather than manipulated.

While a very few popular movie reviewers pointed up the overlay of human emotions and lion “emotions,” none of them pointed to the repercussions of this overlay.  Our institutions work together, something more of us might do for worthy causes.

This movie is visually wonderful, and, at times, difficult to watch, especially as one of the cubs is abandoned by its mother after being crippled. Use discretion please, about whether your younger children watch it.

Next Tuesday: Another Beautifully Polluted Movie: the animated The Book of Life, another visually spectacular movie that is full of contradiction.

See this for more consciousness-expanding movies you can see for free online.


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