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Beautifully Polluted Movie 1: Mr. Nobody

Note: This movie is available for free online viewing.  You do not need to register a credit card and you do not need to add software.  Avoid the big play button in the middle of the screen.  Use the one lower left.  If you still get a request to download software before playing, consider using a vpn service such as Hola to sidestep the software download requests.

You can start the streaming, then wait for it to load for awhile if you have a slow internet connection.  Here is the link:

This is one strange and beautifully polluted movie.   While there is much of positive value in it, a lot of crap is thrown into the mix, and that just tends to confuse people.  For me, the strangeness starts with the line that is shown in many of the promotions for the movie, stated in the first person.

“As long as I don’t choose, everything is possible.”

For almost all of us, maybe, this is potentially a confusing statement at best. Until one is awakened, we are constantly faced with making choices either from the heart or the head. The statement, on the surface, suggests that maybe we should not choose, and that that is the best option if we want to have all possibilities available to us.


What does your heart tell you about this when you say that statement out loud and then close your eyes, hush up your head and you notice how you feel?

As long as I don’t choose, everything is possible.


Consider contemplating the ideas below,  using your pause button and maybe spending a little silent time with these ideas as you notice how you feel.  Of particular interest are segments that show the main character in the role of video presentation teacher.  The times shown are approximate.

There are other bits than the following of beautiful pollution in this movie. Maybe be aware when they come up…and hit your pause button.

2:20 : Pigeon thinks “What did I do to deserve this?” when food seems to magically appear after it pushes a button with its beak. While pigeons may stash their food on occasion, it is not particularly likely that they question their deservingness. So the statement is a mindbleep. As in The Last Lions, human responses are superimposed on animals. Here, we may question our deservingness…and our ability to rise above conditioned chaos, fear and loneliness.

22:50 “Before the Big Bang, time did not exist.” Who are we to say? We do not know.

23:40 “How do we distinguish between illusion and reality?”
“You cannot go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” Maybe as long as one is fighting with their own self, choosing is hard. As one awakens, choice becomes easier and easier until one reaches a point of ongoing choicelessness: the destructive egoic mind is more and more released to the point where one operates from the heart. Then there is no choice to be made, the response comes from one’s being.

36:20 “I can give you a good deal on these shoelaces….a very good deal.” What is the significance of this line?

59:40 “…we respond with the most fearsome weapon: sex.” As long as one is looking at sex as a weapon, one is stuck in evolutionary mud. What do you think about this?

69:10 “I can’t help myself: I’m in love with him.” Knowing what you know now, are you ever helpless in love? Maybe most of us fear love to some extent because surrendering to it may seem to result in potential pain. As long as this is so, we cannot allow vulnerability with our lover because we are afraid of abandonment or abuse.

104:00 “To what extent are our fears innate?…. an innate fear helps them to survive.” Explore this passage. What is the message? Consider: Is the reason a conscious person does not take an alley short-cut at 3 am in a big city because they are afraid? Maybe the answer is “no.” That they sidestep that time-saver because of prudence, respect for their safety.

“To what ancient dangers might our innate fears correspond?” Do you think that fear is so innate that it is impossible to release all your fear in this lifetime? If it is possible, do you think you will do it?

123:00 Play with the whole bit
134:20 “Life is a playground or it is nothing.” What is it for you? Might it be a school, too?

Some other moments from the movie, to give you a taste:




Do you fear having a thought like this as you are near your last breath in this lifetime?


This statement is a mindbleep, too.

How can one be afraid of something in the past?

Consider being aware more and more when you watch a movie, read a book, or go to a seminar. When is your internal BS Detector going off? What is it teaching you when it does?
When you are watching a religious or spiritual guru, are you just soaking up what is expressed or are you willing to see when something is said that does not work for you?
Learning to trust inner guidance is a central aspect in the awakening process. It takes practice.


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