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Post By: Carlo Ami

An Einstein Power Quotation, Tweaked for Now

For a man who gave us so much wisdom with ideas and words, Albert Einstein threw us quite a curveball with this one expression: To me, that is about as convoluted an idea as what is presented in our schizophrenic religious scriptures and New Age babble.   Quite a departure from Einstein’s usual lucidity. Offered here […]

Einstein’s Hidden and Momentous Gift to Humanity

What we explore below is a set of radically different ideas to assist in accelerating and smooting the evolution of mankind. Few now have the courage to be open to this.  Most have more getting fed up to experience given their identification with the destructive “solutions” offered by ego and society before they might open to such ideas. […]

Favorite Charles Bukowski Quotations

Charles Bukowski was to expressing the challenges of life directly what George Carlin was to brutally direct—sometimes dark—comedy. I discovered his work many years ago when at the peak of my anger and frustration. Reading his clear expression of his feelings was, for me,  a vent of sorts, provoking me to feel a little less […]

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