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A Conscious Way of Tranforming Our Lives

Like much of what is on this website, the ideas in the concise Transformanifesto offers very non-mainstream perspectives about what it takes to spiritually awaken oneself and appreciate a truly empowered life.  It is not for everybody, just those who are receptive to it.  It is an offering, not a preach. TransforManifesto Given the challenged […]

Free Discussion Groups in Southern California: Seriously Playing with New Life Management Options

During September and the early part of October, 2016, I will be facilitating group discussions in Southern California on very uncommonly expressed perspectives on living life more powerfully.  The point is spiritual empowerment, not the kind that has to do with how much money you have in the bank, how many sexual partners or how […]

Sports WTF of the Week 1

Series Introduction The world of sports sends us all kinds of messages that we can use to live our lives more effectively.  Some of these lessons have to do with courage, rare skill and deeds or words of inspiration.  And other lessons have to do with seeing something unconscious, weird or destructive and then maybe […]

Moving Beyond Hopeful Resolutions

  The ideas found here and on the Simple Awakening Tools website are offered for people who are fed up with the standard ways society and our institutions offer for improving our lives and truly awakening ourselves.  Could it be that the deceptive institutions we have allowed to guide us are but reflections of imaginary ego? […]

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