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An Amazing Movie/Awakening Tool: The Imposter


On the face of it, the scenario of this true story is at least borderline preposterous. Maybe few would have bought it as fiction, but it happened and was all over the news years ago.

A young man who had never felt loved decided to find love by pretending to be someone who had disappeared as a boy 4 years earlier.


He had a foreign accent, had a mature stubble, didn’t look much like the missing person, and was about 7 years older than the boy who had gone missing.

And his family, after years of grief, so wanting to believe it was truly him, bought it.

It’s been nearly 3 years since this movie was introduced to a limited market. Few saw it.  You can see it here. (Quick note to save hassle: you do not need to buy or install any software for this movie as long as you have Adobe Flash.  After clicking on the red x,  just click on the small play button on the lower left of your screen rather than the big one in the center of the screen.  If you at any time get moved to a new screen, just click out of it.  No new software is needed.  In some countries, you may need to use vpn service such as Hola.)

It can be a great awakening tool when perceived with some understandings—or at least the willingness to play with some very non-traditional ways of thinking—about how our culture has functioned and how we might function more effectively, lovingly, powerfully.

Rather than looking at it solely for its entertainment value, we can look at it as a tool for seeing how those of us who are unawakened are just as much imposters as the title character.

Until we can admit that we have been acting the role, we will not drop it.

Suggestion: Give the movie 35 minutes. You will either be completely intrigued or you will be bored.  You may find yourself thirsting for the imposter to either be exposed or to get away with his deception.


And, if you are bored or disinterested, consider the possibility that you, too, are playing the role of imposter.  The masses are pretending to be the imaginary egoic mind, pretending to be one or more of these:

* Victim

* Inferior

* Righteous judge


* Important

* Loved

* Loving

…while they are not being any of them.

The title character, Frederic Bourdin  is a reflection of ego. Imaginary ego is the illusory, divided, devious idiot.  It sets itself up for pain. It wallows in self-created pain. It sends pain to the world.  And it looks for love and power in all the places where it is not to be found.

Ego and Bourdain seek escape from the known and from the present.

They see power as the ability and willingness to abuse, manipulate, deceive or disrespect others and self.  This “no thing,” ego, is both sadistic and masochistic. It will generally do what it wants regardless of how that impacts others, especially those who are closest by most often.

The goal is generally short-term, immediate satisfaction regardless of the cost in terms of self-respect, damage to others, or damage to one’s own body or mind.


Ego, like Bourdin here, is not concerned about whether others may experience pain as the result of its actions. It only wants for itself.

Bourdin tells us…


  Those words get the core of our collective disease.

Notice how law enforcement people, investigators and others refuse to see what is right in front of them.  Like so many, they deny what they do not want to believe.

Ego is an imaginary machine creating ongoing necessities  for more of what it wants and less of what it does not.   This schizophrenic inner mirage is also frequently wanting for everything to stay the same as it is, and for new options to be rejected as silly.

And if you find that, after watching the first 35 minutes of the movie that you are distracting yourself or thinking about doing something else, consider the possibility that may be highly skilled at avoiding yourself.

This is a product of practice, egoic conditioning and the conditioning of society and its institutions.

The imaginary ego part of us will look at this guy and both admire his ingenuity and damn him at the same time. This is our schizophrenia until we awaken. We so often pretend to be something other than we are in order to be accepted, in order to be admired, in order to get sex, in order to pretend that we are happy or successful.

Consider the possibility that the vast majority of so-called civilized humanity is acting the role of imposter just as much as the central character here.

Our collective track record shows us that if we have wanted badly enough to believe something is true, we will believe it even when it is as plain as the nose on your face that it is false.


More links to see conscious movies on this website.  

Some include short reviews.


And this brings us to the two key introductions to the awakening work I have been creating:

(1) Just as one cannot escape a prison until one realizes that they are in one, we will not rise above our challenges in life until we face them.


(2) We will not face them—we will keep on pretending—until we begin to develop the sense that we are empowered to begin moving beyond them.

This takes practice.  As we approach the new year and “resolution season,” maybe it’s time for some new solutions to what has challenged us.  As a way of awakening myself, creating these tools has been a primary focus for me over the last 17 years.

Getting real and learning to trust one’s own power: Such is the core work of the online Simple Awakening Tools Program, the first group of which starts January 1, 2015.  It’s not the same old crap in a different wrapper.   The first 25 to register will get 90 minutes of coaching through the first parts of the program.  To see if it might be for you, check this link.


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