The heart of the Simple Awakening Tools protocol is seriously playing with very short and simple ideas and then tuning into yourself to get a feel for how they fit you.  Some you may choose to edit to get them to fit your truth.  

You will find no hype here or in the protocol, no outrageous promises, no bullshit. It is not so much the content of the protocol that has the power to awaken you but your willingness to seriously play with the content as a simple way of discovering your truth and power.

The structure of the SAT protocol is loose and one that lets you cull the most impactful ideas for you so that for the three days you play with a given idea set, you will have a short doc that is juice for you to play with seriously.

Ego response to all of that: “Oh, crap. Too much work!”

“Truth: It’s not much work at all.  More like amusing play with some ah-ha ideas and humor.  Unless you are completely willing to have your life stay on the same track it is now.  Each idea set is from 4 to 11 graphics-loaded pages, sent to you in editable Word format.

You are asked to delete ideas in the protocol that are not juicy for you.  And maybe make the font size bigger for the ones you find most juicy.  You might edit the doc for each set on the first day, resulting in a doc that is from one to three pages of the best ideas for you.  You take ideas that fit you into the silence, noticing how you feel and what then comes up.  Feelings and intuitive sense can be considered teachers if we simply and gracefully sidestep the egoic bullshit way of living and way of responding to life that we have been practicing.  

For the 3 days, you play with your edit.  And you can edit anything in a way to make it fit best for you.   You can leave an idea as it is, change one word, or turn the idea upside down if such is your clear truth.  

There are 19 Idea Sets in the protocol.  You receive a new idea set via email very early every Monday and Thursday.   You spend three days with each, applying what you are discovering about yourself to your responses to your life and thoughts.  If you like, you can take a weekend day off.  

The first 5 sets are for power building.  The next 7 are releases.  And the last 7 are integrations.

This protocol does not take a lot of your time.  The most crucial factor is your willingness to apply what you learn about yourself to your life and to your responses to life.  

To get substantial value from the protocol, it is suggested that you spend a minimum of 25 minutes daily on the first 12 idea sets, six days per week.  And a minimum of 15 minutes daily on the last seven sets. If that is too much for you, please do not register for the protocol.

There is not a whole lot of explaining or justifying in it.   It is about discovering your truth, not what anybody else would suggest or dictate.  

You edit, on the first reading or two, each of the idea sets.  You can play with the original later, if you like, since you will have a copy. For the 3 days, you play with your edit in the course of your waking hours, applying what you are learning about yourself and experimenting with new ideas about how you can live your life more effectively.

Each idea set includes ideas that ask you to go into the silence with them.  This is the primary learning tool.  You notice how you feel when you express some of the key ideas (or your edits of them).  Feelings can be the bridge to self-knowledge and true power in a life.

Here are the suggested steps prior to registering:

  1. Play with the Participation Filters
  2. Read this overview
  3. Download the free ebook, Awaken Yourself with BS-Free Spirituality  and spend at least  couple of hours with it   Its style is very similar to that of the protocol.
  4. Review the terms and conditions

Then register if it feels like a fit.

If you feel that the protocol is not for you at any time within the first 7 days (before the 3rd idea set is sent to you) just ask and you will get a prompt refund.

When the idea sets have been completed, you will

 · get a resource guide to play with other ideas and practices

· have the opportunity to connect in a private, secure social network with other people who have completed the protocol.

· have the opportunity to share the protocol with others and earn a 50% commission.  So if you refer two clients who keep the protocol after the free refund time, you will get back what you paid.  This is about growing a movement.