Alliance Intent

The intent in the very near future is to form a cohesive group with a unified online presence in which each participant will offer information about what we are offering in service.

There will be three categories offered: The emphasis will be on Living/Spiritual Empowerment.  One or two participants in each of these categories: Sustainability Resources and Preparedness Information/Resources will be considered.

Nothing presented on the website will have anything to do with organized religion, wrathful deities or the New Age movement.

Each of us will have a page on the website to present a synopsis, a small bio, and links for further exploration as page visitors wish to further explore.  Each of us will also offer on the site a page with brief content that is inspirational, practical and simple in the way of something that can be of immediate use to page viewers: something you do or recommend to help people in the awakening process that is impactful for you.

The only expense participants will have for this is website maintenance and hosting fees, and promotion expense that we would decide upon as a group.  There will be no advertising on the site.  All participants will be equally represented with each rotating to the top of the thumbnail overview page.

Alliance participants will get together via online video conferencing (Skype) at least once monthly, more often if the group so decides.

Once we have a total of 3 participants, all decisions affecting the group will be made by the group.

There are, it has been said, many paths and but one destination.  We awakeners have varying styles and ways of presenting our resources…and we have apparently different avenues of finding our own truth.  All humanity has different sensitivities and frequencies to which they tune or resonate.  So while one of us here may have a style or way of offering our insights that works well for some people, that same offering may not at all fit for many others.

It all depends upon what our potential audience is wired and ready for.

The power of unified awakeners is much greater than sum of those working alone.


So why this alliance?  Why now?

While we may find that the transition to harmony is more smooth than some expect, my intuitive sense, given the general current state of collective oblivion most are living, is that more will “hit the fan” before enough are willing to see the current mess and also begin to trust their power to begin to move beyond it as unified, haromonized beings.

In the times seen here as very likely to come this year or early in the next, we will be collectively handed situations that will challenge almost all of us.

While many will see these challenges as futile to deal with, extremely scary or depressing, they will be a gift to humanity because they will push us to awaken ourselves.

Many may resist this great set of pushes.  Many may cave to their depression.  Many may take their frustrations or anger out on the ones closest to them.

Much of humanity may well experience a succession of challenges over a short time.

Masses may be dealing with how to feed and clothe themselves without a paycheck or without food available, or without land fit to grow it on.

Many will teeter on the balance, between surrendering to love or discovering the apex of fear…or the apparent finality of death.

While many may resist, clinging to the old ways of managing their lives, maintaining the current false affiliations and identifications, our intent here is to be of service and support to those who we can intuit simply will be served by our encouragement of them.

Their receptivity is the key.  Those committed to sleep/status quo—and who show any displeasure with awakening words we speak or otherwise share—are offering us an opportunity to exercise the most loving response.

This response: letting the other be who they are and live their own truth.   And our disengagement from sharing further awakening messages with them unless guided from the heart. We are intending to reach only those who are receptive to what we are inspired to share.

We will all be on the same page with these basic ideas:

To become part of this alliance, you  would agree to the following:

  • That we are in the process of building our power as a more united People to rise above the current challenges that face us, as apparent individuals and as connected Entity
  • These challenges have to do with not only our corrupt institutions but, more importantly, with our imaginary egoic mind.  The courageous response to both is the opposite of the one society has programmed us to accept as powerful or even as hopeful.
  • The courageous response to any attack other than that which is physical is to disengage. The People have been conditioned to fight back, to resist with argument escalation, and forms of disrespect, manipulation, abuse or deception.
  • We recognize that such is not a productive response, not one that builds our power or does anything but encourage resistance on the part of the physical or imagined other…or lower self (ego).
  • We accept—or at least play with the possibility—that We are One connected entity.
  • Therefore, to harm or intend to harm or weaken any other person or creature is an act of masochism in which we would not consider participation.
  • We recognize that our apparently “own” spiritual evolution and that of collective consciousness will be served as we focus significant attention and time in service to receptive others who may benefit. As we offer coaching or conscious ideas to people we perceive may be receptive to these kinds of ideas and choose to trust intuitive guidance as to when to back off, we elevate “ourselves” and the Collective Us.
  • To the receptive others we serve, we give unconditional love and acceptance without preaching or pushing any dogma or our versions of ultimate truth upon them.  Primary encouragements are to unconditional love and trust, and trust of inner guidance.  We can offer what we see as wise words or effective strategies/techniques, but people who are awakening get to choose how they will respond and the extent to which they will apply our offerings to the management of their lives.
  • We recognize the gifts that we have been given to share are also gifts that we enjoy giving, so we offer our gifts in service to apparent others who are receptive to appreciating them, whether they are enthusiastic about it or not.
  • The heart knows when to embrace and when to disengage. We build now our trust in the guidance of the heart.
  • We intend to connect with and spend time with each other and with those who appreciate the value of the ideas herein.

It is the intent of this alliance to support each other in delivering our messages and in encouraging each other.

If you would like to discuss becoming a part of this alliance, please use the form below.

Thank you.

Carlo Ami

Here is the contact form.  

Please include your Skype address if you have one.

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