For those who see the value in what is offered here and who have awakening ideas they intend to share as widely as possible with the world, we will be creating, with equal input from those who join, an awakeners alliance website and monthly video chat session via which we may connect, promote and support each other.  The costs for this will be minimal and shared: web hosting/maintenance and, as the group decides, promotion of our group site.

If you have received this link, I respect and appreciate your intent of service to others as I ask humbly for your support in sharing what is offered here if you see true value in it.

For many of us now, it is time to realize that the currently popular teachings of religion and the New Age have kept us stuck, confused and divided.  They have not worked…and they will not work–-except to provoke us to get fed up with them.  Getting fed up is a gift because it pushes us to consider new options in responding to life.  For more and more of us, it is time to seriously play with new and viable solutions.

The common thread: passion for sharing something truly substantial to help humanity to awaken.

Friends, as conscious people in service to others, it is my strong sense that it is time for more of us to align behind two simple ideas I will present for you here.

Idea One: United, we stand in our power and we touch the most lives.  As we align with and support each other, the sum of the individual group or person power is far greater than that of the individual parts working separately.

As we help each other and find areas of agreement about that which is important in the realization of harmonized destiny, we build our personal power and that of collective consciousness.

In addition to the private, small discussion group, we will be starting , the larger Awakeners United social group site——to connect with each other and grow ourselves.  Participation in the group is by invitation only.  Get in touch with me using the contact form below if you would like to be considered.  The hallmark of all content on the site—words, video, sound files and art—-will be inspirational brevity.

Idea Two:  While many visionaries and conscious leaders have seen the quest to awaken ourselves and the world as a noble struggle, it is now time for more of us to drop this mindset.

More and more conscious leaders and activists are being called upon to see that fighting and resistance are generally futile and destructive.

As long as we are in the mode of struggling and fighting for what we want—or resisting in any way—we drain the power of our intent and we build the apparent resistance of whoever or whatever we are fighting.

The apparent power of the corrupt forces is expanded when we fight with them and with each other.

And, maybe even more importantly: The power of apparent ego is expanded as we pay attention to “it,¨” because “it” is an illusion.


When we trust in our harmonized power to create that which we see as our destiny, when we see and practice the potent alternative to resistance, we accelerate and smooth our path to an awakened collective consciousness: a united humanity, a thriving world.

The power path that truly takes the most courage:

Other than love, we remove all attention and support from that which abuses, manipulates, deceives or disrespects.  This builds our power and drains that of the energy-suckers: the individual, institutional and egoic (imaginary) parasites.  

(And of course the egoic mind rushes to find exceptions to justify invalidating that idea.  And exceptions there sometimes are, including one’s children, aging parents and the mentally challenged, to name the most obvious.)

As we do this, as we practice it, we come to find that the the power of the apparent abusers of the external world begins to evaporate.  They are all simply reflections of the inner split.  You see them in your life less and less because you know to quickly disengage from someone who is being abusive, manipulative, deceptive or disrespectful,  and are not willing to allow such people in your life: You lovingly and easily disengage with love.

Sometimes, the most loving response is disengagement.  At such times, any other response tends to build futility on our part and resistance on the part of the apparent other.


Sure, it is of value to spend one’s time and attention on helping others and serving the world.   What is being called for here is balance.   It serves us to remember to attend to our own reconditioning and evolution as the priority because the greatest gift we can give the world is our own awakening.

Those ideas are aspects of a simple awakening program that has been evolving in my work over the last 19 years.  Since late 2013, I have been doing this work independently, mostly from my home in Ecuador.   This is the introduction page.

The intent in the protocol is to touch those who are ready for this very different set of perspectives designed to help them get in touch with their own truth, their own power, and their capacities for love and trust.



If you are interested in possibly joining the awakeners alliance group for connection, mutual support and monthly online video discussion, fill out the form below to arrange a brief Skype call with me.  If there is a mutual interest in your participation in the alliance, I will direct you to a page that details what it is all about, then we’ll talk again.  The intent is to have the website up during the Fall of 2016. Participation will be limited to 8 people unless the group decides otherwise.  If you are interested in participating, please use the form at the bottom of this page to set up a time to talk.


If you would like to support the ideas shared on this website or assist in any way:

Please take a look at the ideas below and then respond via the form below.  As my financial and technical resources are limited, please consider the ideas below as you may find value in what is written here.

1) Let me know how I can be of support to you.  You might start with sending me a link about your work (unless you have already) or you can call my US number or Skype for a conversation.  You can use the form below.

2) Take a look at the thumbnail intents below and see if there may be any in which you might participate, refer or share.

* People registering for and moving through the program is a key intent.  Especially while in launch phase, money challenge will not prohibit participation in the program if one is playfully serious.  Just talk with me!  Use the form at the bottom of the Primer page to set up voice connection after you have spent some time on that page.

* I am looking for a webmaster (WordPress) who resonates with what I am doing.  Compensation via sent PayPal funds and/or tradeout.  My funds now are very limited.  Also am intending help with spreading the word about this program.

* Also am on the lookout for conscious comedians—one woman, one man—to produce a 60 to 90-second video for each of the 19 idea sets in the program.  Compensation via program proceeds percentage.  Laughter and humor are, as I see it, major tools in the process of waking ourselves.

* I am actively looking for people who not only would like to go through the program but to become coaches to help people through it.  Special versions of the program will be created for different age groups, languages, sexual orientations and other cultural groups.  After coaches are trained, they will be placed with the appropriate clients.  (Until at least August, 2016, I will be the only program coach.)  See the vision link on the main menu for more details.

The program is all presented in brief emailed idea sets.   One on one coaching is available optionally.

Basic Intent

To contribute in a substantial way to the awakening of humanity.  This is not about profit maximization.  A substantial portion of profits will go to charity and protocol affiliates who refer new clients.  We will post on this website quarterly simplified statements showing organization profit distribution and the amount of commissions paid to affiliates.

The Program

It’s not about teaching people my truth. It’s about you discovering your own.

It is unlike other resources because it is designed to sidestep the challenges of information overload, dogmatic presentation, boring filler material and the often conflicting or dull content that is added to so many self-help books simply to add pages… in order to justify a price.  

Key ingredients: present awareness, silence, humor and trust.


Over a 10 week period, you take simple ideas grouped by topic and you play with each for three days before moving on to the next idea set.  As you notice the feedback the Universe will provide—your experience—you get a clearer sense of your own truth and your own capacities for loving power rather than what somebody else thinks those ought to be.

The first segments of the program are power-building tools, ideas to play with that often run counter to what society tells you must be done to build your power. The middle segments are about releasing that which is not working in your life.  And the last have to do with integrating your own truth and practicing empowered ways of awareness and loving response.

You will not find these kinds of ideas in popular religion, New Age or pop psychology best-sellers.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk with me on Skype, please use the form below.

All program participants first spend a little time on the phone with me before registering. There is no charge for this.  I am intending to have motivated, sincere people in this protocol, not tire-kickers.

If you would like to know more, please see the program primer.  Your sharing  the primer link with those who may be interested in the program would be appreciated in the process of building momentum for the expansion of the reach of this work.

All Love,


Carlo Ami



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