Hi. I’m Carlo Ami.  I have no interest in being anyones’ guru.  For those ready and receptive, I offer a set of tools to help them discover their inner wisdom and power.

I do not pretend to enable you to have great material wealth, attract a trophy partner or bend the world to your will.

This is my story.  Believe it as you will or don’t.  This is not being offered to convince anyone of anything.

From very early on, I felt like an alien on this planet.  I did not fit in here, and for a long time I did not want to fit in, so I spent a lot of time alone. I still do, by choice.

From as far back as I can recall, I was surrounded by people who were often acting angry, martyred or simply dishonest.  It seemed that everyone was wearing at least one mask to hide themselves from the judging world, the world they seemed to fear that they would be stuck with if they did not fight back, or they would find some substance or destructive addiction to numb themselves from life.

I was angry and self-destructive for decades of my adult life.

In the late 90s, I had a strange and wonderful experience while I was alone in the Southern California desert, a night time confrontation with a mountain lion.  It was my teacher.  No harm.

The next morning I awoke with a clear inner guidance.

  • I was to write a book.  The title, basic format and core idea of the book were given to me at that time.
  • I was to evolve a new teaching to be of assistance to receptive others
  • I was to take a new name.
  • I was to be patient in this evolution, intending to share what I was being asked to share, that this evolution of new ways of spiritual empowerment was to be primarily a way of evolving myself until a good bit of time had passed.  Now, in 2016, I am seeing that it is time to reach more of those who are receptive to what I feel important to share.

Since that time in the desert, I have had some amazing experiences, downloads and epiphanies that many would label as crazy.  Most of those have been without the inducement of any plant medicine other than marijuana, and many have come while I was simply high on the beauty of natural visual beauty.  (I include a simple and brief suggested protocol for the productive spiritual use of marijuana—only for those receptive—-in the protocol.  For some, marijuana is a gateway drug to awakening and for others it is simply not a fit for how they are wired.)

If you are considering this work, please understand the central caveat: Practice trusting your inner guidance in the management of your life above that of any  person, group or scripture.  Until one begins practicing that, they are just treading water.

After writing 4 books—the longest a whopping 275 pages—and continually honing my approach, I am now offering this simple protocol to assist those who intend to awaken in this lifetime.  Only one of these books is still available. It’s on spiritual approaches to crisis management, and I give it away with the protocol.  The others have been made obsolete by the SAT protocol, as I see it.

Nothing here is offered as the truth that you should just accept.  There is nothing dogmatic. It’s about my clients finding their own truth, their own power and their own way of sharing their love with the world.

Were I to clearly express my truth here about how important this work can be for those who are ready for it, many would judge me to be a quite arrogant person.  Central to this work is the maxim: we are all equal.  I do my best to live my life congruently.  There is no “them,” just Us.

And I know for myself that we are also all connected with each other in a way that the egoic mind refuses to understand, for to understand it would be its undoing.   The vaporization of apparent ego is maybe basically what we are in these lifetimes to do.  And it is not done by fighting or resisting anything.